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PV882-06 - CCTV Dual Option Mounts 6"Rise

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PV882-06 : CCTV Dual Option Mounts 6'Rise


  • 6" (152.4mm) overall mount length
  • Includes two mounting bases that screw easily into the machined aluminum alloy shaft [0.875" (22.2mm) in diameter]
  • Use the Tri-Foot Base [4" (101.6mm) outside diameter with three 0.265" (6.7mm) holes on a 3.25" (82.5mm) bolt circle] for solid surfaces, or the T-Bar Clip for drop ceiling rails
  • Full range of motion at the camera: 210° Tilt, 360° Turn & 360° Rotation
  • Knob and tamper-resistant set-screw adjusting options included
  • 1/4-20 mounting stud with lockring